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Currently, one per cent of charitable giving is directed to arts, culture and heritage in Manitoba. ArtSupport Manitoba aims to increase this by helping arts, culture and heritage organizations engage with their communities and increase donation revenue.

For Organizations

If your organization is interested in participating in ArtSupport Manitoba, please read the guidelines below and if your organization qualifies, contact us.


Each participating organization will be assigned a mentor who, in concert with other ArtSupport Manitoba staff, will:

•  Assess an organization’s current fundraising program and develop custom-made long-term plans.

•  Provide ongoing, consistent, tailored fundraising training and mentorship to organizational leaders, including development department staff and executive directors.

•  Provide workshops for board members, volunteers and staff.

•  Work directly with board members to enhance their roles with respect to fundraising.

Our goal is to help you develop a culture of philanthropy in your organization to ensure your long term success.


Participating organizations must work in arts, culture or heritage (see definitions below), be registered as a charity with Canada Revenue Agency, be based and active in Manitoba and have at least one permanent, paid staff person.


For the purposes of ArtSupport Manitoba, arts and culture organizations are defined as organizations that have as their primary mandate and core activity the creation, production or presentation of the performing, visual, literary, film, video or media arts.

Arts service organizations whose primary objective is to support the development of one or more art forms through, a) a range of services for artists and/or non-profit arts organizations or b) through the bringing together of artists and the arts community at large, are also eligible. Dedicated arts training programs are also eligible.

Heritage organizations are defined as libraries, museums and archives.


It is expected that all human resources of the organization will participate in the program including staff, board members and volunteers. Participating organizations will be required to devote, at a minimum, approximately 16 hours a month to ArtSupport Manitoba work in order to develop their capacity to fundraise. Organizations will be required to provide financial statements for three years prior to beginning the program and ongoing statements once the program has begun.

Once an organization is selected for participation, they may remain in the program as long as the program is running and the organization is making progress and meeting its requirements. Organizations that fail to complete program requirements will be asked to leave the program.

ArtSupport Manitoba will not raise funds for an organization but will work with an organization to build its capacity to raise funds from the private sector.

Application to the program must be discussed with your Board of Directors prior to submission.


There is no fee for participating organizations; however, organizations will be required to dedicate time to the program on a regular and ongoing basis.

For the Community

ArtSupport Manitoba can assist individuals, businesses and foundation in a variety of ways so that they can invest in the arts and cultural sector with confidence. ArtSupport Manitoba can provide:

• Presentations on the value of arts and culture.

• Introductions to arts, culture and heritage organizations in Manitoba.

• Networking opportunities with leaders and beneficiaries of arts, cultural and heritage programming.

• Networking opportunities with other donors and philanthropists.

• Tailored research for donors interested in initiating relationships with the arts.

• Information on how best to leverage an investment in arts and culture for your community.

• Confidential advice and counsel.






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